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Evaluation Kit for the MAX15301AA02 (MAX15301EVKITHP) (MAX15301EVKITHP)

The MAX15301 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a proven application circuit design for the MAX15301 digital DC-DC controller integrated circuit (IC). The EV kit allows the user to easily modify and test the EV kit with different operating conditions. The EV kit can be used as a standalone board if desired. However, to take full advantage of the IC’s capability, the user must connect the EV kit to a PC with the Maxim PowerTool MAXPOWERTOOL002# USB-to-PMBus interface dongle and then control and monitor the EV kit with Maxim’s digital PowerTool graphical user interface (GUI) software. The PowerTool GUI allows a PC to control the PMBus interface and to collect real-time data from the EV kit. The PowerTool is Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows®7 compatible. It provides a simple interface for exercising the features of the IC.

The EV kit ships with the MAX15301AA02+CJK installed, but can also be used to evaluate other pin-compatible MAX15301xxxx ICs with replacement of U1. Request a free sample when ordering the EV kit.


  • InTuneв„ў Digital Point-of-Load (PoL) Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Controller
    • Digital State-Space Control
    • Dual-Edge-Modulated Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
    • 300kHz to 1MHz Switching Frequency
    • 5V to 14V Input Voltage Range Using Linear Mode
    • 6.5V to 14V Input Voltage Range Using BabyBuck Mode
    • 0.6V to 3.3V Output Voltage Range
    • 25A Output Current Capability
  • Pin-Strap or PMBus Configuration
  • SMB Connectors for Low-Noise Measurements
  • Connectors for Multiple-Rail Evaluation
  • PMBus Interface for Control and Monitoring


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Evaluation Kit for the MAX15301AA02 (MAX15301EVKITHP) MAX15301EVKITHP

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