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Применения > > Evaluation Kit for the MAX1512 (MAX1512EVKIT)

Evaluation Kit for the MAX1512 (MAX1512EVKIT) (MAX1512EVKIT)

The MAX1512 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembled and tested printed-circuit board (PCB) that demonstrates and programs the MAX1512 LCD display. A rotary optical encoder (U8) provides simple hand adjustment of the MAX1512 and a pushbutton switch (SW1) initiates an EEPROM programming sequence, which locks the current MAX1512 code into EEPROM.


  • 128-Step Adjustable Sink Current Output
  • Resistor-Adjustable Full-Scale Range
  • Output Guaranteed Monotonic Over Operating Range
  • 2.6V to 3.6V Logic Supply Voltage Operating Range (VDD)
  • 4.5V to 20V Analog Supply Voltage Range (VAVDD)
  • 3.3V Programming Circuit Supply Voltage (VCC)
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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