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Evaluation Kit for the MAX12005 (MAX12005EVKIT) (MAX12005EVKIT)

The MAX12005 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven PCB layout that facilitates evaluation of the MAX12005 satellite switch RFIC. The EV kit is fully assembled and tested. A software control program with a graphical user interface (GUI) is available from www.maximintegrated. com/evkitsoftware, allowing full user control of the IC functions and settings.

The EV Kit has 75Ω RF lines. However, to make evaluation easy with standard 50Ω test equipment, there are 75Ω to 50Ω impedance transformation networks on-board at all input and output ports.


  • USB Interface to Host PC
  • Easy-to-Use GUI Software
  • 75Ω to 50Ω On-Board Impedance Transformation Network at All Ports
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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