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dsPIC33FJ12GP202 Plug-In-Module (MA330015)

Processor Plug-In Modules are small circuit boards to be used with the various Microchip Development Boards to evaluate various MCU families. These plug into the main processor socket of the Development Boards so that different microcontrollers can be used for prototyping, demonstration or development --quickly and easily.

The dsPIC33FJ12GP202 PIM is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the dsPIC33FJ12GP202

family of general purpose devices using the Explorer 16 Development Board and the PICtail.

Plus daughter boards.

The dsPIC33FJ12GP202 is a high-performance 16-bit digital signal controller within a small 28-pin 6x6 mm QFN package. The dsPIC33FJ12GP202 is equipped with Peripheral Pin Select (PPS), The PIM takes advantage of PPS by using zero ohm resistors to connect the I/O to the 100-pin Explorer 16 Development Board.

This PIM can be used to evaluate the following MCUs:




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