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PIC24FJ1024GB610 General Purpose PIM (MA240023)

The PIC24FJ1024GB610 Plug-in Module is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the PIC24FJ1024GB610 family using the Explorer 16 Demonstration Boards. Most of the pins from the device are mapped directly to the PIM connector (100-Pin ICE). The exceptions are those pins that are remapped to provide remappable functionality to the pins in the PICtail™ Plus socket.


    Due to the flexibility allowed by the PPS feature, the 100-pin device is capable of performing all of the base functions on the 100-pin Explorer 16 board. In addition, the PIM is compatible with most of the PICtail Plus daughter boards for the Explorer 16, including the USB PICtail Plus Daughter Board (AC164131)


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PIC24FJ1024GB610 General Purpose PIM MA240023

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