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PIC18F47J53 FS USB PIM Demo Board (MA180029)

The PIC18F47J53 FS USB Demo Board / Plug-In Module (MA180029) is a USB 2.0 full speed and low speed board featuring the PIC18F47J53. This is recommended as an initial USB development platform for applications that will be using any of the PIC18F47J53 family microcontrollers including PIC18F47J13, PIC18F46J13, PIC18F27J13 and PIC18F26J13.


    The board can be operated stand alone, or it may be plugged into the popular PICDEM PIC18 Explorer Board (part number DM183032) for additional functionality. When the board is used in the stand alone configuration, the included RJ-11 to ICSP adapter (part number AC164110) can be used to reprogram the board using RJ-11 based programmers.

    A full description of the PIC18F47J53 FS USB Demo Board and PIM capabilities and features are described in the PIC18F4xJ5x FS USB Plug-In Module User’s Guide.

    The PIM ships with a CDROM containing example USB projects that can be used directly with the board.

    For the latest USB products and software, please visit the USB Design Center.


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PIC18F47J53 FS USB PIM Demo Board MA180029

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