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LM3404 Driving a Seoul Semi Zpower P4 1A LED (LM3403-REF)

This demonstration circuit is designed to drive a single Seoul Semiconductor Z-Power P4 LED at a forward current of 1A 10% with a peak-to-peak ripple current of 200 mA or less. The expected forward voltage is 3.8V. The input is a 9V alkaline battery. Switching frequency is 700 kHz 20%.


Inputs Outputs #1 VinMin=8.1 Vout1=3.8 VinMax=9.9 Iout1=1.0 Integrated 1.0A NFET VIN Range 9V 10% 1.2A Output Current Limit Over Temperature Input UVLO Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit No Control Loop Compensation Required Separate PWM Dimming and Low Power Shutdown No Output Capacitor Thermal shudown protection SO-8 Package


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LM3404 Driving a Seoul Semi Zpower P4 1A LED LM3403-REF

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
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DC/DC Converter IC; Voltage Regulator Type:Buck Switching; Input Voltage Primary Max:75V; Output Voltage Max:67V; Output Current Max:1A; Switching Frequency Max:1MHz; Supply Voltage Min:6V; Supply Voltage Max:75V ИНФО
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