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The KSZ8851SNL-Eval Evaluation Board is intended to provide a convenient and fast way to evaluate or demonstrate the functionality and performance of this new Single-Port Ethernet Controller KSZ8851SNL device from Micrel. The KSZ8851SNL comes with a 32-pin, lead-free QFN (5mm x 5mm) package and provides an ideal solution for applications requiring Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) between single-port Ethernet Controller and Host microcontroller. This evaluation board is designed as a stand alone without microcontroller on board. By default the KSZ8851SNL-Eval board comes with an operation of no EEPROM for KSZ8851SNL device. Customer can directly wire the board for SPI interface. The purpose is to provide a simple tool that can be used to evaluate the KSZ8851SNL device by connecting via headers to customer provided Microcontroller or Non-PCI hardware platform. Micrel provides a basic software driver based on SPI Interface solution and different operating system platforms to evaluate the KSZ8851SNL functionality and performance. The software includes a configuration utility to allow quick and easy device setup, initialization and transmit/receive packet. All KSZ8851SNL configuration pins, control signals and SPI interface are accessible either by jumpers, test points or headers.


    • One KSZ8851SNL 32-pin Single-Port Ethernet Controller with SPI for host interface • Single +5V/GND power input from headers • RJ-45 Jack for Fast Ethernet cable interface • HP Auto-MDIX for automatic detection and correction for straight-through and crossover cables • Two on board LDO voltage regulators, one for VDD_IO and the other for 3.3VA • One AT93C46 for external EEPROM interface • Two LED indicators for port status and activity • One LED indicator for 3.3V output ready • One LED indicator for Power Management Event (PME) output status • Jumpers to configure strapping pin and VDD_IO voltage option • Headers to wire the SPI interface from external hardware platform • Manual reset button for quick reboot device after re-configuration of strapping pin


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