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The KSZ8795CLX is one of KSZ8795 family. KSZ8795CLX contains four MAC/PHYs for four copper ports and one GMAC5 interface with configurable GMII/RGMII/MII/RMII interfaces. The device had been designed with cost sensitive systems in mind but still offers a multitude of new features such as port based security ACL filtering, 802.1az EEE, LinkMD and so on. Also support port and tag based VLAN; QoS priority; SPI and MDC/MDIO interfaces for the registers access. The KSZ8795 family is an excellent choice in broadband gateway applications, integrated broadband router applications, industrial automatic, automotive, etc. fields and as a standalone switch. The KSZ8795-POE-EVAL board is designed to allow the user to experience Gigabit up-link with KSZ9031 Gigabit PHY to Gigabit port of any processor board directly, and can provide PoE PSE power to other four ports. Other rich feature set can be evaluated on this board. The evaluation board is highly configurable and easy to use.


    • KSZ8795 Integrated 5-port 10/100 Managed Ethernet Switch • 4 RJ-45 Jacks for 10/100Base-T/TX Ethernet LAN with Corresponding Isolation Magnetics. • Auto MDI/MDIX on All Ports. • Port 5 SW5-RGMII hook-up with a KSZ9031RNX GPHY and provide a Gigabit port. • Easily set to different VDDIO of 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V by jumpers. • 1 USB Port Interface Configurable to Emulate an SPI Interface for all registers access by using Window GUI and DOS based software tools. • 2 LEDs per Port with 5 LED sets to indicate the Status and Activity for 4 fast Ethernet ports and 1 Gigabit port. • The board powered can be used by a 12V DC power supply.


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