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XMC4400 Motor Control Application Kit (KIT_XMC44_AE3_001) (KITXMC44AE3001TOBO1)

XMC4400 Motor Control Application Kit

Order Nr.: KIT_XMC44_AE3_001
Recommended resale price: 299.- EUR


How long does it take to get a motor turn?

Few minutes with the XMC4400 Motor Control Application Kit. It has everything you need to make a plug&play experience for 3 –Phase drives. This kit has a XMC4400 Microcontroller Board, the respective 24V power board including N-Channel Optimos™ power transistors and 3 phase gate driver EiceDRIVER™ from Infineon, completed with a brushless DC motor. It’s supported by the DAVE™ Motor Control Apps library, including sinusoidal and block commutation as well as various position detection and sensing schemes with encoder, resolver, hall sensors and shunts.


The XMC4400 Motor Control Application Kit includes:

  • XMC4400 Microcontroller Board
  • Power board:
    • 24V/7.5 A
    • 3-Phase Inverter with N-Channel Optimos™ power transistors (BSC031N06NS3 G) and EiceDRIVER™ gate driver (6ED003L02-F2)
    • 3-Phase Inverter by Reverse Conduction IGBT
  • BLDC Motor From Nanotech


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