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High Brightness Boost LED Driver Demoboard (HV9911DB1)

The HV9911DB1 is an LED driver capable of driving up to 20 one-watt LEDs in series from an input of 21 - 27VDC. The demoboard uses HV9911 in a boost topology. The converter has a very good initial regulation (+/-5%) and excellent line and load regulation over the entire input and output voltage range (<+/- 1%). The full load efficiency of the converter is typically greater than 90%. The HV9911DB1 is also protected against open LED and output short circuit conditions. It is also protected under input undervoltage conditions by limiting the input current. It has an excellent PWM dimming response, with typical rise and fall times less than 2.0μs, which will allow high PWM dimming ratios.


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High Brightness Boost LED Driver Demoboard HV9911DB1

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Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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