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EVB-USB5734 USB3.1 Gen1 Controller Hub Evaluation Board (EVB-USB5734)

The EVB-USB5734 is a demonstration and evaluation platform that provides the necessary requirements and interface options for evaluating the USB5734 Smart Hub on a 4-layer RoHS-compliant Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This will allow the user to gain an understanding of the product and accelerate the integration of the EVB-USB5734 into the user’s design. The EVB-USB5734 is compliant with the USB 3.1 Gen1USB Specification and supports Super-Speed (SS), High-Speed (HS), Full-Speed (FS), and Low-Speed (LS) USB signaling for complete coverage of all defined USB operation speeds. The evaluation platform supports four downstream ports that are USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 compliant. The EVB-USB5734 is also designed for flexible configuration solutions. It can be configured via default internal register settings, downloadable external firmware to an on-board SPI Flash, through SMBus, or through the on-board configuration switches. Five IO daughter cards are included in the EVB-USB5734 kit. Each IO daughter card initiates a predetermined User Configuration for the USB5734. All new functionality - FlexConnect, I/O Bridging, downstream speed and charging management, UART interface - can be demonstrated using thesedaughter cards.


    • USB5734 in a 64-pin QFN RoHS compliant package
    • USB 3.1 Gen 1compliant (SS, HS, FS, and LS operation)
    • USB pins are 5 V tolerant
    • Four downstream USB 2.0/3.1 Gen 1ports
    • All downstream ports support individual port power and overcurrent sense
    • All downstream ports are enabled for battery charging (2.1A max per port)
    • Can support up to 5A total current downstream at any one time
    • On-board SPI Flash for external downloadable firmware
    • Low-cost 4-layer space saving design
    • Operates from a single voltage (+12.0 V, regulated) external power supply
    • On-board 25 MHz crystal
    • Single on-board +5.25 V, 6 Amp regulator
    • Single on-board +3.3 V, 0.5 Amp regulator
    • Single on-board +1.2 V, 1 Amp regulator
    • Port Power and Port Enable LED indicators
    • LED indicators for SPI/Strap Configuration
    • On-board IO connector for configurable Mode operations


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EVB-USB5734 USB3.1 Gen1 Controller Hub Evaluation Board EVB-USB5734

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