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This Evaluation Board shows how to design the Halfbridge LLC stage of a Server SMPS with the target to meet 80+ Titanium Standard efficiency requirements. On this purpose there has been applied latest CoolMOS™ technology IPP60R180C7600V Power MOSFET on the primary side and OptiMOS™ Low Voltage Power MOSFET in SuperSO8 BSC010N04LSin the synchronous rectification secondary stage, in combination with QR CoolSET™ ICE2QR2280Z, Hi-Low Side Driver 2EDL05N06PF,Low Side Gate Driver 2EDN7524Fand a LLC Controller ICE2HS01G for the analog or XMC4200 in the digital version.


  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Output current: 50A
  • Peak efficiency @ 50% load > 97,4%
  • Efficiency @ 10% load > 95%


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