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Evaluation board for L9779WD-SPI (EVAL-L9779WD-SPI)

The EVAL-L9779WD-SPI is an Evaluation Board designed to evaluate L9779WD-SPI, a smart power device designed by STMicroelectronics in advanced BCD6s technology.

L9779WD-SPI is able to drive all the relevant loads used in powertrain applications (Injectors, Ignitions, Relay, etc.), to interface with Variable Reluctance Sensors and Hall sensors, to monitor diagnostic functionalities and to interact with the main networks present in powertrain environment (CAN, K-Line).

All channels are protected against short circuit and over-temperature condition.

The board can be connected to the SPC563M-DISP, the Discovery+ board developed for the SPC563M64L.


  • Voltage min/max: 4.15V to 28V.
  • No. channels:
    • 4 injector driver
    • 1 canister valve driver
    • 2 Lambda sensor heater
    • 1 Main relay driver
    • 6 relay driver
    • 1 LED driver
    • 4 Ignition driver
  • A programmable power stage configurable as double H-bridge to drive a stepper motor driver, or as independent 4 High side and 4 Low side drivers.
  • Device registers setting and the full diagnostic are available through SPI.
  • Communication protocols: SPI, CAN, (both with dedicated connectors), Kline.
  • Access to all relevant pins by test points. Input signal connector compatible with the SPC564M-DISP (SPC563M64L Discovery+ evaluation board).
  • Possibility to connect a generic microcontroller boards by using a simple adapter.
  • Package : HIQUAD-64


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