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VND5T100AJ Evaluation Board (EV-VND5T100AJ)

EV-VND5T100AJ provides you an easy way to connect ST’s surface mounted VIPower®drivers into your existing prototype circuitry. This evaluation board comes pre-assembled with VND5T100AJ-E high-side driver.

The VND5T100AJ-E is a monolithic device made using STMicroelectonicsВ®VIPowerВ®technology, intended for driving resistive or inductive loads with one side connected to ground.

Active VCCpin voltage clamp protects the device against low energy spikes. This device integrates an analog current sense which delivers a current proportional to the load current.

Fault conditions such as overload, overtemperature or short to VCCare reported via the current sense pin. Output current limitation protects the device in overload condition. The device latches off in case of overload or thermal shutdown. The device is reset by a low level pass on the fault reset standby pin.

A permanent low level on the inputs and fault reset standby pin disables all outputs and sets the device in standby mode.


  • Simple single IC application board dedicated for VND5T100AJ-E
  • Provides thermal heat-sinking for ease of use in prototyping.
  • Provides electrical connectivity for easy prototyping


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