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VN5016AJ Evaluation Board (EV-VN5016AJ)

EV-VN5016AJ provides you an easy way to connect ST’s surface mounted VIPower®drivers into your existing prototype circuitry. This evaluation board comes pre-assembled with VN5016AJ-E high-side driver.

The VN5016AJ-E is a monolithic device made using STMicroelectronicsВ®VIPowerВ®M0-5 technology. It is intended for driving resistive or inductive loads with one side connected to ground.

Active VCCpin voltage clamp protects the device against low energy spikes. This device integrates an analog current sense which delivers a current proportional to the load current (according to a known ratio) when CS_DIS is driven low or left open. When CS_DIS is driven high, the CURRENT SENSE pin is in a high impedance condition.

Output current limitation protects the device in overload condition. In case of long overload duration, the device limits the dissipated power to safe level up to thermal shutdown intervention. Thermal shutdown with automatic restart allows the device to recover normal operation as soon as fault condition disappears.


  • Simple single IC application board dedicated for VN5016AJ-E
  • Provides thermal heat-sinking for ease of use in prototyping
  • Provides electrical connectivity for easy prototyping


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Производитель: STMicroelectronics
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DC интеллектуальный ключ - [PowerSSO-12]; Тип: верхний ключ; Вход: прямой; Выходов: 1; Rвкл: 16 мОм; Iном: 46 А; Iмакс: 65 А
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