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DV164139-2 - Low Pin Count USB Development Kit with PicKit 3 (DV164139-2)

The Low Pin Count USB Development Kit provides an easy, low-cost way to evaluate the functionality of Microchip PIC16F1459 (or other PIC16F145x) 14 and 20 pin USB microcontrollers. The board also supports operation with the PIC18F14K50/PIC18F13K50 pin compatible 20 pin USB microcontrollers. When used with the free Microchip Libraries for Applications software (downloadable from www.microchip.com/mla), the platform provides all of the necessary hardware, software, and code examples necessary to quickly bring your next USB design from concept to production.

The DV164139-2 kit contains one (1) fully populated Low Pin Count USB Development Board (with PIC16F1459 DIP-20 device), one (1) PIC18F14K50 Debug Header (with adapter pins), one (1) USB mini B cable, one (1) DB9 Null Modem mini adapter, Quick Start Guide, and one PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger.

Additional USB Information and Resources


    • PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger included
    • hardware and software
    • code examples
    • getting started course


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