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PICkit 3 Starter Kit (DV164130)

The PICkit 3 Starter Kit is an update to the PICkit™ 2 Starter Kit. Modifications to the previous Starter Kit (DM164120) were made so that the full functionality of the code can be debugged without the need of a debug header. The software has also been rewritten to accommodate new technologies.

The Starter Kit contains one assembled board with area for prototyping circuits. The assembled board is populated with the PIC16F1829-I/P. It also ships with a sample of PIC18F14K22-I/P (20-pin) MCU.

Newer version development tools are available now. Please consider Curiosity Development Board (DM164137) or Explorer 8 Development Board (DM160228) for new designs.


    • Software is in both the ‘C’ and assembler language
    • Extension of the number of lessons and modules covered
    • MPLAB® X support as well as the older MPLAB® 8
    • New PIC16 enhanced mid-range and PIC18 routines
    • Uses the universal XC8 compiler


Тесты и симуляция

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PICkit 3 Starter Kit DV164130

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