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Graphics Bundle - PIC24FJ256DA210 Development Board with ICD 3 (DV164039)

The PIC24FJ256DA210 Development Kit is a low cost and efficient development kit to evaluate the features and performance of the PIC24FJ256DA210 with integrated graphics, mTouch™ and USB.

This kit is an ideal platform for new graphical human interface developers. It bundles four major components and other accessories as listed below. For those who are not looking to purchase the kit with all the components, each can also be purchased separately.
  • PIC24FJ256DA210 Development Board (DM240312)
  • 3.2” Truly 240x320 TFT Display Board (AC164127-4)
  • Graphics Display Prototype Boards - 3x (AC164139)
  • MPLAB ICD-3 Emulator and Debugger with USB Cable (DV164035)
  • 9V Power Supply (AC162039)
  • USB A-miniB Cable
  • Serial Cable


    • PIC24FJ256DA210 16-bit microcontroller
    • Capacitive touch pads and switches
    • 3.2” Truly TFT Display with resistive touch screen support
    • Prototype graphics boards for prototyping LCD panels of choice
    • USB connectors (embedded host/device/OTG)
    • PICtail™ Plus Modular expansion slot
    • RS-232 serial port and associated hardware
    • MPLAB ICD-3 Emulator and Debugger
    • 9V Power Supply


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