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Projected Capacitive with 3D Gest IC SensingВ® Development Kit (DV102014)

Microchip’s DV102014 development kit is a complete reference system for evaluation and design in of 2D ( Projected Capacitive ) and 3D ( GestIC ) human machine interface functionality.
The combination of technologies enables user command input with multi touch detection on surfaces as well as natural hand movements in free-space.
This development kit provides an easy-to-use, “out-of-the-box” experience that requires no code development. Parameterization, diagnostics and optional settings are done through Aurea 2.0, a free downloadable graphical user interface (GUI).


    Project Capacitive Touch
    • Multi-Touch up to 10 touches
    • 5 touches typically at 100Hz+ each
    • Combines with MTCH652 high voltage driver for superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
    • Integrated single and multi-finger gesture recognition suite including taps, swipes, scrolling and pinching and zooming
    • Advanced DSP processing provides noise avoidance techniques
    3D GestIC
    • Sensing Type: E-Field
    • Detection Range: up to 20 cm
    • Single chip 3D gesture recognition solution
    • Design in via Graphical User Interface (GUI) Aurea - no coding required
    • Colibri gesture suite on board


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