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The full-featured, modular PRO MATE® II device programmer lets you quickly and easily program your software into Microchip’s entire line of PICmicro® MCUs, KEELOQ® security products and Serial EEPROMs. PRO MATE II runs under MPLAB® IDE and operates as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a PC-compatible host system.

PRO MATE II software is an integrated component of MPLAB IDE. Firmware updates, if available will be listed below, but typically, the latest firmware must be used only with the latest version of MPLAB IDE.

PICSTART® Plus Flash Upgrade Module
This PICSTART Plus Flash Upgrade Module is a printed circuit board assembly containing a PIC18F6720 device. It permanently replaces the PIC17C44 inside the PICSTART Plus. Once installed, the firmware is upgradeable using MPLAB IDE. All future upgrades will no longer require the opening of the enclosure to upgrade the PICSTART Plus firmware.

IMPORTANT: PICSTART Plus units with hardware revision of R20 or later already have this feature and do not require this kit.

This upgrade kit supersedes UK003007 and UK003006.

Before You Begin
You can only use this upgrade with MPLAB IDE v6.40 or later, PICSTART Plus hardware revision must be Rev 5 or later. MPLAB IDE is downloadable from this web site. The hardware revision of the PICSTART Plus is the last digit(s), immediately following "-R", of the serial number on the bottom of the plastic product enclosure port.


    • Three operating modes: Host Mode, Safe Mode, and Stand-Alone Mode
    • Complete line of interchangeable socket modules supports all package options (sold separately)
    • Universal platform can quickly and easily support future Microchip products
    • MPLAB® project support to automatically download object file to PRO MATE II
    • Complete documentation including all user manuals and technical document CD
    • Supports the serial programming mode in PICmicro MCUs


Используемые компоненты

Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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8BIT FLASH MCU, 18F6720, TQFP64; Series:PIC18F; Memory Size, Flash:128KB; EEPROM Size:1024Byte; Memory Size, RAM:3841Byte; I/O lines, No. of:52; ADC Inputs, No.…
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