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Evaluation Kit for the DS8500 (DS8500-KIT) (DS8500-KIT)

The DS8500 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a convenient and a quick platform to evaluate the DS8500 HART® modem. It allows quick evaluation through a demonstration mode and in-depth evaluation using HART Communication Foundation (a part of FieldComm Group) tools.


  • The EV Kit Provides Fast and Simple Evaluation by Providing a Total HART Communications Chain on Board
  • Example HART Master and Field Device Circuits Demonstrate Usage in the Two Most Common HART Connection Configurations
  • HART Registered Modem IC
  • On-Board Isolated 4mA–20mA Communications Loop
  • MAXQ622 USB Microcontroller with Demo Firmware
  • External Connections Allow for Advanced Evaluation of the DS8500 in Other Configurations


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