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DS3/E3 Single-Chip Transceiver Demo Kit (DS3174DK) (DS3174DK)

The DS3174DK is an easy-to-use demo kit for the DS3174. A surface-mounted DS3174 and careful layout of the analog signal traces provide maximum signal integrity to demonstrate the transmit and receive capabilities of the DS3174. On-board Dallas 8051-compatible microcontroller and included software give point-and-click access to configuration and status registers from a personal computer. General-purpose LEDs on the board can easily be configured to indicate various alarm conditions for all four ports. The board provides eight BNC connectors for the line-side transmit and receive differential pairs, and two FPGAs to support overhead functions. All LEDs and connectors are clearly labeled with silkscreening to identify associated signals.


  • DS3174DK Board
  • CD-ROM
    • ChipView Software
    • DS3174 Definition Files
    • DS3174DK Data Sheet
    • DS3174 Data Sheet


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