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DS3/E3 Multiplexer Reference Design (DS3112RD) (DS3112RD)

The DS3112RD is a reference design for the DS3112 DS3/E3 framer/mux and the DS3150 DS3/E3 LIU. Both devices are surface-mounted to minimize board size and to provide signal integrity. Interface to the DK101/DK2000 and included software give point-and-click access to configuration and status registers from a personal computer. LEDs on the board indicate loss-of-signal, transmit driver monitor, and PRBS sync status of the LIU. The board provides BNC connectors for an external clock, the line-side transmit and receive differential pairs, and a connector for data path interface. A PLD provides registered access to the LIU control pins along with control of clock and data paths.


  • Soldered DS3150 and DS3112
  • BNC Connectors, Transformers, and Termination Passives for LIU
  • Careful Layout for Analog Signal Paths
  • DK2000 Interface Provides External Data Path
  • Memory-Mapped PLD for Control of DS3150
  • BNC Connectors for External Clock and Line-Side Interface
  • DK101/DK2000 Interface and Included Software Provide Point-and-Click Access the DS3112 Register Set
  • LEDs for Loss-of-Signal, Transmit Driver Monitor, and PRBS Sync


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