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Evaluation Kit for the DS28EA00 (DS28EA00EVKIT) (DS28EA00EVKIT)

The DS28EA00 evaluation system (EV system) consists of a single evaluation kit (EV kit) that includes an evaluation board (EV board) made up of three subsections that can be broken/snapped off into three independently exercisable boards. See Figure 1 (in the full data sheet) for a picture of the standalone EV board and Figure 2 (in the full data sheet) for a picture of the EV board snapped and cabled together. Three DS28EA00 temperature chips with GPIO and sequence detect can be found on the EV board, one per subsection. Also included in the kit are connectivity items, such as serial cables, a 1-Wire® USB adapter, and jumpers. Free evaluation software, the OneWireViewer, is available for download from the web page listed in the Support Resources (in the full data sheet) section.

Since one of the major features of the DS28EA00 is detection of physical sequence, a block of dip switches are provided on each subsection of the EV board to re-order the physical connection between the chips. Optionally, the customer can break off the subsections of the eval board, connect them together with the provided cables, and re-order the physical sequence of the DS28EA00s that way. The OneWireViewer evaluation software can then be used to exercise the functionality of the chips and provide a way for an evaluator to see the actual physical connection sequence of the chips. The algorithm to detect the connection order is called chain mode. More information on chain mode can be found in Application Note 4037.


  • Easy Setup
  • Stand-Alone EV Board
    • Contains Three Separate, Breakable Subsections with a DS28EA00 Per Subsection
    • The Dipswitch Block on Each EV Board Subsection Routes Physical Chain-Mode
    • Connections Between Chips When Used as a Stand-Alone Board
    • EV Board's Subsections are Breakable Into Three Separate Boards Each of Which Evaluates a Single DS28EA00 or, When Cabled Together, Evaluate Chain-Mode Searching
    • LEDs Give Visual Indicators of PIO Activity
    • 6-Pin Terminal Strip Allows PIO Testing Outside of Chain Mode
  • PC Connectivity Included
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Free Downloadable Evaluation Software Available


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