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Evaluation Kit for the DS2731 (DS2731EVKIT) (DS2731EVKIT)

The DS2731 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates all the features of the DS2731 battery-backup power-management IC. The EV kit includes an assembled and tested PCB for easy connection to power sources and a load. Three power sources—a 3.3V auxiliary supply, a 12V supply, and a single lithium-ion (Li+) battery—connect to the DS2731 EV kit to supply the high-efficiency, synchronous buck regulator and battery charger. The IC automatically selects the best-qualified power source for the buck regulator. Thresholds for low-battery voltage, charge regulation voltage and current, charge safety timer, and buck-output voltage are set by resistors.


  • Convenient Power Source and Load Connections
  • LEDs Indicate Charge Status
  • Automatic Power-Source Selection
  • Space for a Wide Variety of Inductor Sizes
  • Proven, Compact and Low-Cost PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled


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