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Evaluation Kit for the DS2502 (DS2502EVKIT) (DS2502EVKIT)

The DS2502 Evaluation Kit makes performance evaluation, software development, and prototyping with the DS2502 1Kb Add-Only Memory easy. The evaluation board interfaces to a PC through a DS9123O USB Adapter and RJ-11 cable connection. The provided CD ROM contains all related data sheets along with the evaluation software, which can be run under any Windows operating system.

Separate control tabs allow the user access all DS2502's that are connected to the 1-Wire bus and access all memory locations of those devices.

Kit demonstration boards will vary as they are improved upon over time. For information on the demonstration board circuits refer to the individual board datasheets located inside the documentation directory on the DS2502K CD ROM.


  • Demonstrates the capabilities of the DS2502 1Kb Add-Only Memory including:
    • Identification
    • EPROM Memory
  • Interfaces to the USB port of a PC running Windows OS


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Производитель: Maxim Integrated
DS2502P-E48+ DS2502P-E48+ Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

Электронная метка 1-Wire-линии и 1 Кбит однократно программируемой памяти EPROM совмещенные в одном корпусе.
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