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Применения > > Evaluation Kit for the DS21348 and DS21Q348 (DS21348DK)

Evaluation Kit for the DS21348 and DS21Q348 (DS21348DK) (DS21348DK)

The DS21348 design kit is an evaluation board for the DS21348 3.3V E1/T1/J1 line interface. The DS21348DK is intended to be used as a stand-alone. The board comes complete with a line interface unit (LIU), transformers, termination resistors, configuration switches, network connectors, and a power supply connection.


  • Expedites New Designs by Eliminating First-Pass Prototyping
  • Demonstrates Key Functions of the DS21348
  • High-Level Software Provides Visual Access to Registers
  • Software-Controlled (Register Mapped) Configuration Switches to Facilitate Clock and Signal Routing
  • BNC Connections for 75Ω E1
  • Bantam and RJ48 Connectors for 120Ω E1 and 100Ω T1


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