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Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Wireless UART Chipset Reference Design (DOLPHIN-WUART-REF)

View DOLPHIN-WIRELESSUART-REF Dolphin is a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Wireless UART chipset for the 902-928 MHz US ISM Band. The Dolphin chipset is a FCC pre-certified reference design and consists of the TRF6903 RF transciever and the digital baseband ASIC DBB03. The DBB03 contains the firmware for the Dolphin chipset in its ROM-based program memory. The schematics and layout of the Dolphin chipset are provided and can be used as a FCC pre-certified reference design to lower system development hurdles and hence faster time to market.


Hardware Features: Chipset Solution - TRF6903 RF Transceiver and DBB03 Digital Baseband ASIC (firmware in ROM-based program memory) FHSS FSK operation in the 902-928 MHz US ISM band Fastest frequency hopping solution available resulting in fast acquisition and less power consumption. (Channel lock time of 200µs; No calibration needed when frequency hopping) Evaluation software or system micro can be used to evaluate/program the Dolphin chipset using a defined host-interface protocol +7dBm output Power (Low Power version)and +23 dBm output Power(High Power version) 2.7-3.6V operation RF bit rate of 38.4 kbps 50 hopping channels and multiple hop tables FCC pre-certified per testing at LS Compliance Transmisson Range of 1 mile typical(High Power Board) and 0.2 mile (Low Power board) (The Dolphin HP solution typically achieves a maximum range of 1 mile line-of-sight outdoors. However, the actual range is highly dependant upon the environment and, in harsh environments where there are many obstacles or interference, the range could be much lower). -101 dBm sensitivity at 38.4 kbps bit rate Software Features: Simple, hardware UART interface for an external system microcontroller Acknowledgement/Retry for reliable data transfer Packet routing to increase communication range Supports Point-to-Point and Broadcast Networks Hierarchical Network definition: Each Transceiver has a Transceiver ID(unique), Network ID and System ID Up to 65536 Transceivers can be configured within a single System Network Partitioning: Only Transceivers with same System ID, Network ID and same hopset communicate Up to 16 distinct hopsets. Each hopset contains 50 frequencies. Transceivers with different hopsets will not communicate Modular Firmware Facilitates Easy Customization


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