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MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC32MX1XX/2XX (DM320013)

The PIC32 MX1/ MX2 Starter kit (DM320013) is a complete solution for exploring the low-cost, high-performance PIC32MX1/MX2 devices. This kit is perfect for development of basic user interfaces with mTouchTM buttons and high quality audio. The board is pre-loaded with demo code for an audio player. Simply download a free copy of MPLAB IDE and the demo code source from the web to jump start your development effort.


    • 24Bit Audio playback
    • Integrated Programmer Debugger
    • USB Powered
    • 2” Color TFT Dispaly – 220 x 176 pixel
    • mTouchTM slider and buttons
    • PIC32MX250F128 with 128KB of Flash, 32KB RAM
    • Micro SD Flash Card


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