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Audio Development Board for PIC32 MCUs (DM320011)

The audio development board for PIC32 (DM320011) provides developers a flexible platform for 24-bit audio record and playback, USB Digital Audio, MP3 Decode and Sample Rate Conversion.

The audio board can be easily connected through the MFi dock edge connector to the accessory development platform for iPod and iPhone enabling users to develop applications for iPod and iPhone.


    • On-board PIC32MX795F512 with 80 MIPS of performance, 512KB Flash and 128KB of RAM
    • 24-bit Wolfson CODEC
    • USB Type A interface
    • On-board Microphone
    • Headphone out and Line in
    • High quality 2” Color LCD
    • Pre-loaded demo code
    • MFi Dock Edge Connector


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