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KEELOQ Transponder Evaluation Kit (DM303005)

The Transponder Evaluation Kit allows the user to fully evaluate KEELOQ® Code Hopping Transmitters/Transponders. The HCS410 and HCS412 use the KEELOQ® Code Hopping technology which combines high security transmitter and transponder operation in a small, low-cost package.


    • Base station with RF and inductive communication
    • Full evaluation of the HCS410/HCS412 in all modes
    • Allows programming of the transmitter/transponders
    • Base Station learns up to four transmitter/transponders
    • Simple, normal, and secure learning schemes available
    • Displays code hopping transmissions
    • Windows® software includes:

  • Selection of manufacture’s code
  • Selection on other key generation options
  • Selection of HCS410 and HCS412 programming
  • Monitoring of IFF and code hopping transmissions

    • Comprehensive User's Guide


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