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LCD Explorer XLP Development Board (DM240314)

The LCD Explorer Development Board supports Microchip’s 100-pin Microcontrollers with x8 common Segment LCD Drivers. The LCD Explorer provides an ideal platform for a customer to evaluate a MCU with a x8 Common LCD Driver on a 38 segment x 8 common LCD display. PICtail Plus connections allow a customer to evaluate the selected MCU in a complex system by adding Microchip’s PICtail Plus daughter boards.


    Supports all 100-pin LCD Processor Plug-In Modules (PIM)
    - Includes 100-pin PIC24FJ128GA310 LCD PIM

    96 Segment 37 Segment x 8 Common LCD Glass
    Support 1/3 Biasing with:
    - External resistor ladder
    - Internal resistor ladder
    - Charge pump biasing with capacitor

    4 Buttons and 1 mTouch Capacitive Button
    Analog potentiometer and temperature sensor
    Power input from 9V power supply, battery or USB power source
    Separate Vbat battery supply
    Single UART communication channel via USB bridge
    RJ11 and 6 pin PICkit™ 3 programming and debug connectors
    PICtail™ Plus Vertical and Horizontal connections
    - All Pins populated with many used for other functions on board
    - Upper slot is open for use by end user


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