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Microstick for 3V PIC24F K-series (DM240013-1)

Microstick for 3V PIC24F K-series (Part #: DM240013-1) is a flexible USB powered development platform. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to get started with Microchip’s lowest cost 16-bit microcontroller families – PIC24F “KL” and “KA” – for extremely cost sensitive consumer, medical and industrial applications.

Microstick for 3V PIC24F K-series supports the following 3V PIC24F “KL” and “KA” devices (28-pin SPDIP package only)
  • PIC24F16KL402 (included in package)
  • PIC24F16KA102 (included in package)
  • PIC24F08KL302
  • PIC24F08KL402
  • PIC24F08KA102
  • PIC24F16KA302
  • PIC24F32KA302


    • Low Cost
    • Compatible with Microchip’s popular 16-bit XLP Development Board (Part #: DM240311)
    • Integrated Programmer / Debugger – No External Debugger Required
    • USB Powered – Ease of Use, No External Power Supply Required
    • MPLAB IDE Support
    • DUT Socket – Flexible, Easy Device Swapping
    • Works Stand-alone or Plugged into a Prototyping Board
    • Easy Access to all Device Signals for Probing
    • Smaller than a Stick of Gum at 20mm x 69mm – Easily Portable
    • On Board User and Power LEDs
    • Reset Button
    • Demo Code


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Microstick for 3V PIC24F K-series DM240013-1

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