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PICkit 3 Low Pin Count Demo Board (DM164130-9)

The PICkit 3 Low Pin Count Demo Board is an update to the PICkit™ 2 Demo Board. Modifications to the previous LPC board (DM164120-1) were made so that the full functionality of the code can be debugged without the need of a debug header. The software has also been rewritten to accommodate new technologies.

Newer version development tools are available now. Please consider Curiosity Development Board (DM164137)


    • Software is in both the ‘C’ and assembler language
    • Extension of the number of lessons and modules covered
    • MPLAB® X support as well as the older MPLAB® 8
    • New PIC16 enhanced mid-range and PIC18 routines
    • Uses the universal XC8 compiler


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