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F1 BLDC add-on (DM164130-2)

The BLDC Motor add-on is a simple development accessory that plugs directly into the F1 Evaluation Platform or F1 LV Evaluation Platform and incorporates all the components necessary to implement Brushless DC motor control. Key features include: 3 MOSFET half bridge circuits, adjustments for zero crossing and current limit of the motor, debug header, and screw terminals for the motor and power supply.


    • Direct connect to either F1 Evaluation Platform or F1 LV Evaluation Platform
    • 3 MOSFET half bridge circuits for BLDC motor drive
    • Ribbon cable interface for motor
    • Motor zero-crossing adjustment
    • Motor current limiting adjustment
    • 12V plug with voltage regulation
    • Power posts for additional power connections
    • 5A Fuses


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