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The PICDEM™ LCD board demonstrates the main features of the new LCD Flash 28-, 40-, 64- and 80-pin PICmicro® devices with power management features. The board is populated with the PIC18F8490 and other devices are supported via a transition socket. A sample LCD glass display is included for custom prototyping. The PICDEM LCD kit provides tutorial firmware, which is included in the preprogrammed devices. The kit is shipped for “Plug & Play” operation.


    • Default device 18F8490
    • Daughter board to support for PIC16F913/914/916/917/946/PIC18F6X90
    • Battery based operation: 2-AAA, 3V Li
    • Standard LCD Glass
    • EEPROM
    • Thermistor
    • MPLAB® ICD 2 interface
    • RS-232
    • Real Time Clock firmware
    • PIC® powered peripherals
    • Potentiometer and Switches


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