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MCP2120/2150 Developer's Kit (DM163008)

The MCP2120/2150 Infrared Developer’s Kit is Obsolete

Summary Description of Obsolete Board (including downloads):

The MCP2120/2150 Infrared Developer's Kit includes everything needed to create a system that communicates using infrared. The kit contains two MCP2120 developer's boards enabling a complete system (transmitter and receiver) to be implemented, and a MCP2150 developer's board that can be used to set up a system to communicate with other IrDA enabled devices.

The MCP2150 developer's board can easily be modified to assist in developing DCE applications with the MCP2155.

Use these developer's boards to configure input options, including direct connection to a host UART or through on-board headers, and output options, including an off-the-shelf infrared transceiver and a minimal cost component solution that is jumper-selectable.



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MCP2120/2150 Developer's Kit DM163008

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