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DM160225 - 3DTouchPad (DM160225)

The 3DTouchPad is a PC peripheral to extend a 2D touch pad with 3D Gestures. It utilizes Microchip’s projected capacitive PCAP sensor solutions as well as Microchip’s 3D Gesture Technology GestIC. The 3DTouchpad offers multi-finger tracking and surface gestures as well as free space 3D Gestures above the surface.

The 3DTouchPad comes with a suite of software including a comprehensive SDK for Windows7 / Windows 8 – allowing feature rich development of Apps / drivers.

The SDK is fully documented and loaded with compelling features, while at the same time the 3DTouchPad offers an exceptional out of the box experience.


    Out of the box features
    • Driverless HID USB connection
    • Cursor control
    • Win7/8 click events
    • 2 finger Pinch/Zoom
    • 2 finger scroll
    • Edge swipes (Windows 8)
    • Content flow control by East/West flicks (3D)
    • Content scroll
    • Close Application by 3D gesture (double flick)
    • Maximize windows
    3DTouchPad GUI is downloadable for free at microchip.com.
    A compelling tool for SW/Driver/Apps development.

    Please refer to manual for more features.
    • 2D Touch position / Touch ID
    • 2D Gestures – swipes
    • 2D Gestures – zoom
    • 2D Gestures – scroll
    • 2D raw signals access
    • GestIC XYZ – position
    • Full access to Gesture set of GestIC Colibri suite
    • GestIC raw signal access
    Combined 2D-3D sensor mode as well as 2D only and 3D only mode.


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DM160225 - 3DTouchPad DM160225

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