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Low Power Projected Capacitive Touchpad Development Kit (DM160219)

Microchip's Low Power Projected Capacitive Touch Pad Development Kit enables designers to quickly integrate gestures and XY touch to their designs. The kit includes everything needed to create a rich user interface, including a USB connection to our GUI for customized solutions. Gestures and PCap touch are supported by MTCH6102, Microchip’s turnkey PCap touch controller.


    • MTCH6102 controller driving 9x6 touchpad sensor
    • 0.7mm Lexan™ cover layer
    • LED indicators for power and USB communication
    • MiniUSB connector
    • Switchable between 3.3V onboard LDO / External 1.8-3.6V supply
    • Two options for communication:
      • Onboard I2C to USB conversion via PIC16LF1454 (preprogrammed) for use with GUI or PC development
      • Standalone MTCH6102 I2C connection to host application circuit through breakout connection


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