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Microchip’s 200W DC/DC LLC Resonant Converter Reference Design (DC/DC-LLC-Resonant-Converter)

Microchip’s 200W DC/DC LLC Resonant Converter Reference Design operates over a wide input voltage range (350 - 420Vdc) with a nominal input of 400V, providing a 12V DC output, while maintaining high-voltage isolation between the primary and secondary. High efficiency is achieved through Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) on the half-bridge converter and Zero Current Switching (ZCS) on the synchronous rectifier. A synchronous rectifier is implemented over the traditional full wave rectifier for improved efficiency. The DC-DC LLC Resonant Converter Reference Design utilizes Microchip’s digital power conversion dsPIC for unique “adaptive” control of the half-bridge converter and synchronous rectifier.

This reference design is implemented using a single dsPIC33F “GS” digital-power DSCs from Microchip that provides the full digital control of the power conversion and system management functions. As shown in this reference design the dsPIC33F ‘GS’ devices enable designers to easily and cost effectively create products using advanced switching techniques such as LLC that lower switching losses and enable efficiencies as high as 95%. The DC to DC LLC Converter Reference Design is royalty free when used in accordance with the licensing agreement.

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    • Low power consumption at no load
    • Programmable soft-start
    • Voltage, Current, Temperature monitoring & Protection
    • Primary and secondary MOSFET control
    • Full Digital Control


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Microchip’s 200W DC/DC LLC Resonant Converter Reference Design DC/DC-LLC-Resonant-Converter

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