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Isolated 600 Mbps, LVDS, 18-Bit, 5 MSPS Data Acquisition System (CN0388)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 demonstrates isolation of an analog front end (18-bit, 5 MSPS AD7960 analog-to-digital converter (ADC)) at 600 Mbps using the ADN4651 LVDS isolator. An interposer board with the ADN4651 connects to the standard AD7960 evaluation platform, isolating the analog front end board from the high speed SDP-H1 system demonstration platform (EVAL-SDP-CH1Z). The SDP-H1 contains a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA to capture acquisitions and a ADSP-BF527 DSP to communicate with the PC.

Galvanic isolation of external interfaces is required in harsh environments for safety, functionality, or improved noise immunity. This includes analog front ends used in data acquisition modules for industrial measurement and control. Bandwidth requirements for converter interfaces are increasing, as trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) demand far more ubiquitous measurement and control, with greater speed and precision. This poses a challenge for isolation, because even standard digital isolators are limited to 150 Mbps operation.

For measurement and control applications in industrial environments, the benefits of such an isolated analog front-end implementation include:

  • Ease of design due to the drop-in LVDS isolator with fully compliant input/output and ultralow jitter.

  • High bandwidth of 600 Mbps to support increased ADC resolution and speed.

  • Galvanic isolation for protection from mains voltages, isolated measurement of power supplies, or noise immunity from digital or power supply circuits.

The circuit in Figure 1 demonstrates an industry-leading solution to LVDS isolation at 600 Mbps using the ADN4651 dual-channel isolator.

Figure 1. EVAL-AD7960FMCZ and EVAL-SDP-CH1Z Isolated with ADN4651 EVAL-CN0388-FMCZ Interposer Board


  • 18-bit, 5MSPS Data Acquisition System 
  • Isolated LVDS Output 
  • 600Mbps Serial Data Capability 


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Isolated 600 Mbps, LVDS, 18-Bit, 5 MSPS Data Acquisition System  CN0388

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