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Isolated USB to Isolated RS-485/Isolated RS-232 Interface (CN0373)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 provides a completely isolated connection between the popular USB bus and an RS-485 or RS-232 bus. Both signal and power isolation ensures a safe USB device interface to an industrial bus or debug port, allowing TIA/EIA-485/232 bus traffic monitoring and the convenience of sending and receiving commands to and from a PC that is not equipped with an RS-485 or RS-232 port.

Isolation in this circuit increases system safety and robustness by providing protection against electrical line surges and breaks the ground connection between bus and digital pins, thereby removing possible ground loops within the system.

The TIA/EIA RS-485 bus standard is one of the most widely used physical layer bus designs in industrial and instrumentation applications. RS-485 offers differential data transmission between multiple systems, often over very long distances. RS-485 communication offers additional robustness through differential communication when compared to the RS-232 standard.

TIA/EIA RS-232 devices are widely used in industrial machines, networking equipment, and scientific instruments. In modern personal computers, which are often used for debugging network problems, USB has displaced RS-232 from most of its peripheral interface roles, and many computers do not come equipped with RS-232 ports. The circuit in Figure 1 offers a robust and compact solution for both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.

Figure 1. Isolated USB to FTDI Isolated RS-232/Isolated RS-485 Circuit (Simplified Schematic, All Connections Not Shown)


  • Isolated USB to Isolated RS-485/RS-232 Interface 
  • Small Footprint 
  • Robust Interface 


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