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Cost Effective, Multichannel Lithium Ion Battery Testing System (CN0352)

The test system shown in Figure 1 is an accurate, cost effective, 8-channel battery testing system for single-cell, lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries with open circuit voltage (OCV) between 3.5 V and 4.4 V.

Figure 1. Cost Effective, Multichannel Li-ion Battery Testing System

The demand for Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries is high for use in both low power and high power applications, such as laptop computers, mobile phones, portable wireless terminals, as well as hybrid electric vehicles/all-electric vehicles (HEV/EV). Li-ion batteries therefore require accurate and reliable test systems.

The battery test system in Figure 1 is composed of multiple input/output boards (EVAL-CN0352-EB1Z_IO) for handling the charging and discharging process, an MCU board (EVAL- CN0352-EB1Z_MCU) for battery data acquisition, testing, monitoring, and temperature management, and a backplane base board (EVAL-CN0352-EB1Z_BAS) that provides the signal interconnections between the MCU board and the multiple input/output boards.

The circuit uses the ADP5065 fast charging battery manager for flexible, efficient, high stability charging control with low cost, small printed circuit board (PCB) area, and ease of use compared to traditional discrete solutions.

Highly integrated precision data acquisition and processing is provided by the ADuCM360 precision analog microcontroller. The ADuCM360 acquires the battery voltage, current, and temperature. A high precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC), digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and an on-chip microcontroller allows completely self-contained control of the charging and discharging process.

The analog front end is fully differential with high CMRR and excellent immunity to both common-mode and ground noise caused by large currents generated during the charge and discharge cycles.

The number of channels can easily be expanded to further reduce testing time and cost per battery.


  • Expandable 8-Channel Lithium Ion Battery Tester
  • Integrated Fast Charging/Discharging Battery Management
  • Precision Analog Microcontroller for Data Acquisition and Control


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