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NDIR Thermopile-Based Gas Sensing Circuit (CN0338)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 is a complete thermopile-based gas sensor using the nondispersive infrared (NDIR) principle. This circuit is optimized for CO2 sensing, but can also accurately measure the concentration of a large number of gases by using thermopiles with different optical filters.

Figure 1. NDIR Gas Sensing Circuit (Simplified Schematic: All Connections and Decoupling Not Shown)

The printed circuit board (PCB) is designed in an Arduino shield form factor and interfaces to the EVAL-ADICUP360 Arduino-compatible platform board. The signal conditioning is implemented with the AD8629 and the ADA4528-1 low noise amplifiers and the ADuCM360 precision analog microcontroller, which contains programmable gain amplifiers, dual 24-bit Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), and an ARM Cortex-M3 processor.


  • Gas sensor based on NDIR
  • Optimized for CO2
  • Arduino shield form factor for rapid prototyping


Схемы и диаграммы

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NDIR Thermopile-Based Gas Sensing Circuit  CN0338

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