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18-Bit, 1.33 MSPS, 16-Channel Data Acquisition System (CN0269)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 is a high performance industrial signal level multichannel data acquisition circuit that has been optimized for fast channel-to-channel switching. It can process 16-channels of single-ended inputs or 8-channels of differential inputs with up to 18-bit resolution.

A single channel can be sampled at up to 1.33 MSPS with 18-bit resolution. A channel-to-channel switching rate of 250 kHz between all input channels provides 16-bit performance.

The signal processing circuit combined with a simple 4-bit up-down binary counter provides a simple and cost effective way to realize channel-to-channel switching without an FPGA, CPLD, or high speed processor. The counter can be programmed to count up or count down for sequentially sampling multiple channels, or can be loaded with a fixed binary word for sampling a single channel.

This circuit is an ideal solution for a multichannel data acquisition card for many industrial applications including process control, and power line monitoring.

Figure 1. Multichannel Data Acquisition Circuit (Simplified Schematic: All Components, Connections, and Decoupling Not Shown)


  • 18-Bit, 16-Channel Data Acquisition
  • 16 single-ended, 8 differential inputs
  • 1.33MSPS sampling rate
  • 250kHz channel switching rate


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18-Bit, 1.33 MSPS, 16-Channel Data Acquisition System  CN0269

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