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Isolated LVDS Interface Circuit (CN0256)

Low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) is an established standard (TIA/EIA-644) for low power, high speed, point-to-point communication. It is used in instrumentation and control applications to send high volumes of data across backplanes or short cable links, or to distribute high speed clocks to different parts of an application circuit.

The circuit shown in Figure 1 demonstrates isolation of an LVDS interface. Advantages of isolating LVDS interfaces include protection against fault conditions (safety isolation) and improving robustness (functional isolation).

The ADuM3442 provides digital isolation of the logic inputs to the ADN4663 LVDS driver and the logic outputs from the ADN4664 LVDS receiver. Together with provision of isolated power using the ADuM5000, a number of challenges to isolating LVDS links in industrial and instrumentation applications are met that include the following:

  • Isolation of the logic signals to/from the LVDS drivers/ receivers, ensuring standard LVDS communication on the bus side of the circuit.
  • Highly integrated isolation using just two additional wide-body SOIC devices, the ADuM3442 and ADuM5000, to isolate the standard LVDS devices, the ADN4663 and ADN4664.
  • Low power consumption compared to traditional isolation (opto-couplers). Low power operation is a feature of LVDS applications.
  • Multiple channels of isolation. In LVDS applications, parallel channels are used to maximize data throughput. This circuit demonstrates quad-channel isolation (in this case, two transmit and two receive channels).
  • High speed operation; the isolation can operate at up to 150 Mbps, facilitating basic LVDS speed requirements.

The circuit shown in Figure 1 isolates a dual-channel LVDS line driver and a dual-channel LVDS receiver. This allows demonstration of two complete transmit and receive paths on a single board.

Figure 1. Isolated LVDS Interface Circuit (Simplified Schematic, All Connections Not Shown)


  • LVDS Driver and Receiver
  • Isolated Interface
  • Isolated Power


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Isolated LVDS Interface Circuit  CN0256

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