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High Performance, 12-Bit, 500 MSPS Wideband Receiver with Antialiasing Filter (CN0238)

The circuit, shown in Figure 1, is a wideband receiver front end based on the ADA4960-1 ultralow noise differential amplifier driver and the AD9434 12-bit, 500 MSPS analog-to-digital converter.

The third-order Butterworth antialiasing filter is optimized based on the performance and interface requirements of the amplifier and ADC. The total insertion loss due to the filter network, transformer, and other resistive components is only 1.2 dB.

The overall circuit has a bandwidth of 290 MHz with a pass-band flatness of 1 dB. The SNR and SFDR measured with a 140 MHz analog input are 64.1 dBFS and 70.4 dBc, respectively.

Figure 1. 12-Bit, 500 MSPS Wideband Receiver Front End (Simplified Schematic: All Connections and Decoupling Not Shown) Gains, Losses, and Signal Levels Measured Values at 10 MHz


  • 12-Bit, 500MSPS Wideband Receiver
  • Antialiasing Filter
  • Low Distortion Differential Driver
  • 64dB SNR @ 140MHz Input
  • 70dB SFDR @ 140MHz Input


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