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Flexible, High Accuracy, Low Drift, PLC/DCS Analog Output Module (CN0202)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 provides a full function, flexible, programmable analog output solution that meets most requirements for programmable logic controller (PLC) and distributed control system (DCS) applications. The AD5662 low power (0.75 mW @ 5 V), rail-to-rail output, 16-bit nanoDAC® converter and the AD5750 industrial current/voltage output driver are well matched with respect to input and output voltage ranges, as well as reference voltage requirements. The ADR444 low drift (3 ppm/°C maximum for B-grade ), high initial accuracy (0.04% maximum for B-grade), and low noise (1.8 μV p-p typical, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz) provides the reference voltage for both the AD5750 and AD5662 and guarantees ultralow noise, high accuracy, and low temperature drift for the circuit. This circuit provides all the typical voltage and current output ranges with 16-bit resolution and no missing codes, 0.05% linearity, and less than 0.2% total output error.

The circuit also contains key features for industrial applications, such as on-chip output fault detection and protection (short circuit, undervoltage output, open circuit current output, and overtemperature), CRC checking to prevent packet error (PEC), and flexible power-up options, making it an ideal choice for robust industrial control systems. No external precision resistors or calibration routines are needed to maintain consistent performance in mass production, thereby making it ideal for PLC or DCS modules.

Figure 1. Basic Analog Output Circuit for Single Channel (Simplified Schematic, All Connections and Protection Circuits Not Shown)


  • Programmable analog output
  • Industrial current and voltage output driver
  • Ultralow noise and low temperature drift


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