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Применения > > Driving the AD9233/9246/9254 ADCs in AC-Coupled Baseband Applications

Driving the AD9233/9246/9254 ADCs in AC-Coupled Baseband Applications (CN0051)

The circuit described in this document and shown in Figure 1 uses the ADA4937-1 ADC driver to convert an ac-coupled, single-ended input signal to a differential signal suitable for driving the AD9246, 14-bit, 125 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADA4937-1 is a low noise, ultralow distortion, high speed differential amplifier with low dc offset and excellent dynamic performance. It is an ideal choice for driving high performance ADCs with resolutions up to 16 bits from dc to 100 MHz and is well suited for a wide variety of data acquisition and signal processing applications. Combined with power and cost savings over previously available ADCs, this circuit is suitable for applications in communications, instrumentation, and medical imaging. The ADA4937-2 is a dual version of the ADA4937-1 that can be used when driving a dual ADC.

Figure 1. ADA4937-1 Driving the AD9246 14-Bit ADC (Simplified Schematic: Decoupling and All Connections Not Shown)


  • Single Ended to Differential Conversion
  • AC Coupled Signal
  • Low Noise, Low Distortion
  • Good Dynamic Performance at 125 MSPS


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